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JM Filling Solutions was born after more than forty years of experience in the sector of the production and the packaging of aerosols and chemical products.

Our project is committed to specialization and adaptability, providing solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

JM brings together the experiences of professionals from different areas, thanks to which we obtain a wide work capacity and obtain optimum solutions for our clients.

Day by day we grow and learn from the hand of our clients, who pose new challenges and allow the experience and knowledge of JM to develop in different fields. Our DNA is based on R & D & I, in the search for innovative and effective solutions.


Technical office

Our DNA starts from a premise: “if you can imagine it, we can do it”. This gives rise to the technical office. A work area where we bring together professionals from different fields: engineering, mechanics, electronics, programming … and where research is sought, invented and, ultimately, becomes a laboratory of ideas where the best solutions are proposed for our Clients from different disciplines.


One of the divisions of JM that allows us to offer better solutions to our customers is the area of machining, where experienced professionals give shape to the ideas designed by the technical office. Lathes, cutters, folding machines and a machining center with manufacturing by CAD-CAM allow us to give life to our pieces and to those that the customers request us.


Our beginnings as a company started with the installation of a large cosmetic plant. Thanks to this, we created a team specialized in boilermaking able to work the welding and stainless steel in the demanding levels that the cosmetic production requires, building reactors and process equipment, pipes, manifolds, cleaning equipment, etc.

Mounting area

After designing them in the technical office and manufacturing them in the area of machining, the pieces are assembled and connected to compose our machines. From tiny pieces to structures that are assembled and put into operation thanks to mechanical, pneumatic and programming connections.




Tailor made and multi-area solutions.


Solutions based on the latest technological advances.



Solid, specialized and guaranteed solutions