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JMFilling is characterized by the installation of production lines for liquid products. We have an expert team in the improvement of industrial production processes giving a complete solution in the development of automations (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic elements) of a whole plant.
The success lies in the adaptation of the needs raised by the client to the installation, working together with the respective departments of engineering and production, always providing the most favorable solution for the client.
– Lines for the transport of raw materials.
– Service lines (mains water, industrial steam, compressed air, decalcified water, cooling water, vacuum lines, etc.).
– Transfer lines to packing machines / filling machines
– Cleaning and disinfection lines (Cleaning lines C.I.P / S.I.P., Pure steam, filtered steam, lines for cleaning and disinfection with ozone, etc.)
– Temperate lines (Jacketed lines with heating / cooling, with electric tracing, etc.)
– Lines prepared for the passage of torpedoes and manual / automatic stations.
– Rings or distribution loops (Reverse osmosis water loop, pure water and quality water for injections.)
– Facilities of sterile lines. (Filtered air lines, lines with vapor barrier, etc.)
– Facilities for dosing.
– ATEX facilities.